Troy Anthony

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I get my heritage from my Jamaican mother and my Belizean father. As a child my first introduction into music was Reggae dub from King Jammy, Yellowman, and Eek A-Mouse.  I only started to hear Hip-Hop through my older siblings; most of which were “East Coast” songs.

I always wanted to know who made those sick beats for the artists I heard in my headphones. At the age of 12, my first beat I created ever was the Kelis song, “I Hate You Right Now”, by The Neptunes, and Timbaland,“Up Jumps The Boogie”.  This is when I really want to start making beats.

My Freshman year in High School, I started using FL Studio; but then of course i wasn’t good at it until my Junior year.  It was during that time that I bought my first MPC 2000xl.  It’s also when I started sampling to make more Hip-Hop sounding music.Now at 23, my production is getting more versatile.  Ranging from R&B to World Music, my musical reach expanded.

What Inspired You To Make This Song?

This song is very laid back. I had an idea from the “Flying Lotus” style, such as how he puts everything together to make a fire beat. This song was made quickly as it was very easy to have the artist to write with. My word of advice is just make a songs that you’re comfortable with and don’t hesitate to use scary samples that is hard to make a beat on because believe me, most complexed songs are hits.

Are You Working On Any New Projects?

Yes. My two Projects Is “Supply And Demand” and “Tear Gas and Bullets For Freedom”. “Supply And Demand” will be a beat mixtape of my production from 2007-2015 as well as various artist I’m working with. “Tear Gas And Bullets For Freedom”will be my actual mixtape this will be mostly Reggae Roots Dub Music with myself in it.  As an artist, I focused on this genre in which will be coming in later 2015.

What Are Your Goals?

As a Producer & Artist, I’d rather go independent because you get more free-will into your music.  I’m creating two Indie Labels, “Green Island Records” in which is my own. And, “Global Grind Productions” in which me and my co-Producer Fred Dinero are creating music for placements.  The goal at the end is to always to stay independent and in control of my music catalog.  

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