Latiere Music

I grew up in Orange California with my family.  A local church had special music days where its members could perform in front of the congregation.  There I was at the age of ten, standing at the microphone waiting to perform my first solo in front of my church.  I was completely overwhelmed with emotion but it was so exciting, fun and felt like this is where I BELONG. That moment I knew I wanted to SING & ENTERTAIN for the rest of MY life!

Every Friday at church rehearsal I would be the first one to raise my hand and wanted the newest solo or any other part that could help develop my voice. As I got older I would take every opportunity to sing, dance, write and or perform even in school choirs, plays, holidays and family gatherings.

My mother a preschool teach and my dad a retired Marine. I would ALWAYS be the first one in line to buy a Destiny’s Child, Mary J. Blige, or Nelly Furtado CD. Beyonce posters were plastered in my room, wall to wall.  You could also find me singing R.Kelly, 3LW and Etta James.  The great artists in our history have a heavy influence in the way I approach my music.   

I view myself as a” triple threat” with a vigorous work ethic because I Sing, Dance and Write. Looking at my future in this career and realizing how intricate and demanding the music business is, I’ve been studying music business and applying hard work and dedication to the my industry and my craft.

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