It’s only been a few days, but 2018 has already been a rough year for the Paul brothers. First, Youtube sensation Logan Paul found himself under fire for posting an insensitive video, in which he stumbled upon a dead body during a foray into Japan’s notorious “suicide forest.” In case you missed it, you can

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How has hip-hop influenced moreno valley fashion?

Since the 1980s, hip hop music has increased in popularity, making its mark on every aspect of pop culture. One of the areas where hip hop has had a heavy influence is the world of fashion. Fashion was once ruled by an untouchable elite, where designers and high end brands were seen as larger than

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San Diego Hip Hop Clothing Store Star Fights

Most of the hip-hop world thinks it was San Diego rapper Rob Stone behind XXXTentacion getting laid out onstage the other night — but he’s not owning up to it. On an interview with LA radio station Real 92.3, today, Stone spoke on the background of their conflict and claims he was somewhere watching the NBA Finals

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How Hip-Hop Improved Men’s Urban Clothing

Since its emergence in the 1970s, the evolution of hip-hop has been a truly multifaceted phenomenon. As an art form, hip-hop’s journey has taken it from an expression of the embattled South Bronx to being the defining symbol of popular culture worldwide, and in that time it has undergone some huge changes. Though many factors have contributed to

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Mens Online Clothing Star Dies

The cause of death for rapper Gustav Ahr, also known as Lil Peep, was the toxic effects of the synthetic opioid fentanyl and alprazolam, commonly sold as Xanax. The 21-year-old rapper’s death on his tour bus prior to a Nov. 15 concert in Tucson was certified as accidental, according to a news release from the

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the green island reggae music scene

Coard: Jay-Z right about Meek Mill’s judge | Commentary |

  In reaction to Judge Genece Brinkley’s November 6 draconian sentencing of Robert Rihmeek Williams, better known as Meek Mill, Jay-Z, the greatest rapper of all time, recently wrote, “The sentence handed down by the Judge — against the recommendation of the Assistant District Attorney and Probation Officer — is unjust and heavy-handed …” And

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